How to Achieve Zero Trust for Federal Agencies


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Mark Modisette
Senior Director and Practice Lead,
Zero Trust Services

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EO 14028 means Zero Trust is no longer an option for the federal sector. But the path to get there is nebulous and complex.


When you have an established tech stack and a team already in place, it can be difficult to find the right path to Zero Trust.


The options are overwhelming and the stakes are high.



What roadmap do I follow based on my current tech stack?




How do I assess where I am on the path?



What impact will this have on my team?




How do I deal with my siloed solutions?

Optiv + ClearShark is here to provide thought leadership and strategic guidance to help you find the right path to Zero Trust.


Through our masterclasses, white papers, articles, webinars and services, we ensure you have the resources you need to get and stay on the Zero Trust path.

Here’s what makes our perspective different:


  • Insights from the latest frameworks and best practices to ensure you are completely prepared to forge (and continue) your Zero Trust path 
  • Expert insights to help you determine whether or not you’re achieving Zero Trust 
  • Technology-agnostic proven methodology that helps you leverage your existing investments in building your Zero Trust future


Take the first step on the path to Zero Trust with clear, deliberate implementation.


The journey to Zero Trust can be uncertain. Here’s how we can start building your strategy:


Gain situational awareness.
Assess where your blind spots are so you can address them head on.


Create your battle plan.
Integrate siloed solutions to make strategic decisions about your best path to Zero Trust.


Start the journey.
Partner with experts to implement your plan, put you on the path to Zero Trust and ensure you stay there.

Your adversaries count on you being slow, not playing smart, and not caring about Zero Trust. Let’s disappoint them.


Zero Trust. It’s a big deal. We know how these two words can impact the federal sector. The work is never done.


That’s why we’re dedicated to sharing everything we’ve learned to guide the most secure operations with the most sensitive data. Our bias is toward solving your problems. Not specific technology solutions.

Build your Zero Trust blueprint with Optiv + ClearShark’s thought leadership and resources:


Security expertise at all levels. From the most informal to the most sensitive environments, our experience informs our Zero Trust content.


A breadth of partnerships. Our partnerships with the best-of-the-best Zero Trust technology leaders enable us to develop the big picture with high-level strategic guidance and micro-level point solution details.


Best-in-class content partners. We’re co-creating content with expert federal sector leaders to guide you to your best Zero Trust path.


Solutions to maximize your existing technology. We help you maximize your infrastructure to make the best of what you have while making the most of any additional solutions you might need to add.

The Zero Trust journey is high stakes.


Partner with Optiv + ClearShark to get and stay on the right path to Zero Trust.