Technology Solutions for Federal Agencies


Architect custom solutions to your agency’s most mission-critical technical problems


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Optiv + ClearShark Technology Solutions for Federal Agencies

Architect custom solutions to your agency’s most mission-critical technical problems.


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Information Security



Network Solutions

The technology challenges you face are constantly growing.


And it’s hard to know the full scope of what that could mean for your agency. Starting the wrong solution can compromise your mission. That’s where we come in. Partner with experienced Systems Engineers to architect technology solutions to your unique problems.

Best-in-Class Systems Engineering and Technical Services Designed for Government Agencies


Optiv + ClearShark has the domain expertise, technical experience, and security clearance to keep you on top of the problems that don’t sit still.

Consultative Advising


We help you identify and unearth the true problems your agency is facing.


Gain fresh perspectives through our expert insights drawn from experience in the federal sector, tech companies, and resellers businesses. 

Solutions Architecting


Our sales engineers are equipped to sit side-by-side with you and design the solutions you need to solve your most complex challenges.


Partner with experienced technical experts who will architect solutions that stand the test of time.

Vendor Ecosystem


We have a robust and vetted vendor ecosystem to ensure you have the right solutions, backed by trustworthy partners.


Leverage a holistic suite of vendors and solutions to solve your toughest challenges with both precision and preferred pricing.

We don’t want to just sell you tech.


We architect the precise solution you need and make sure it works from the beginning. That’s Optiv + ClearShark.


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Investing in Technology for Your Federal Agency is One of the Most High-Stakes Decisions You Will Make


We guide you to the right solutions from the right vendors, so you can stay focused on your mission.

Hyper-focus on solution delivery
With your success in mind, we are relentless as we run toward the most daunting federal technology challenges.

Vendor-certified expertise
Our team with deep vendor-specific technical competence can pave the way for your successful implementation.

Extensive domain and mission understanding
It takes both technical acumen and a comprehensive grasp of federal context to architect the right solutions, the right way.


Success begins with razor sharp scoping. Understand your true challenges. Architect the solution. Verify it’s the right path before you begin. 
Partner with Optiv + ClearShark and do it all.


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Why Optiv + ClearShark



The most thoroughly scoped and expertly architected solutions



Exclusive focus on serving the U.S. Government



A team weighted with vendor-certified experts



Identify and solve your highest-stakes problems.



Ensure you have the right solution before you invest.



Partner with federal powerhouse, Optiv + ClearShark.