Bring Us Your Toughest Challenges

No matter where you are in your journey, we’ve got the resources, services, and expertise to help you make government secure. Find the right solution today and prepare for tomorrow’s next threat vector.



Technology Solutions

Highly curated technology portfolio and in-house expertise to architect custom solutions to mission-critical problems.


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Vendor Enablement and Technical Services

Expert, focused implementation of leading technology solutions to address government mission mandates and satisfy federal customers.


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Contract Access and Acquisition

Accelerate the procurement process through an extensive contract portfolio with today’s leading technology solutions.


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From Vision to Implementation to Up and Running

Find the Right Solution

Harness our expertise and relationships, calibrated for the federal sector. We help you design the right solution and solve for the toughest challenges facing government.


Implement Quickly and Securely

Our team is on the ground. We hire and train vendor-certified consulting engineers with the specific expertise, security clearance, and relationships for your most important projects.

Receive Expert Customer Support and Amplify Your Resources

Ensure your agency experiences the full value of today’s leading technology solutions. We uncover the toughest problems and accelerate solution delivery to ensure you can keep your focus on your mission.


Accelerate Your Mission

Unleash technology to accomplish any mission. We’re here to tackle even the toughest challenges.



How We’re Different


We solve the federal cybersecurity problems that seem unsolvable. Here’s how we do it.


Deep Bench of Vendor-Certified Engineers and Solution Experts


We’ve flipped the script on the traditional model that has more engineers than account managers.


Backed by the Strength and Power of Optiv


Our razor sharp focus on the federal sector combined with Optiv’s broad-ranging cybersecurity expertise produces a deeper bench of resources to solve the toughest problems.


Steadfast Commitment to Our Customer Outcomes


We handpick our vendor partners and have invested a deep understanding of the most critical cybersecurity and IT solutions.


Federal Sector Domain Expertise and Access


Unleash technology to accomplish any mission. We’re here to tackle even the toughest challenges.

Vast Partner Ecosystem with You at the Center


We are the partner of choice for 450+ leading technology vendors. These long-term relationships coupled with our comprehensive capabilities and deep product knowledge enable us to create powerful software-enabled solutions that unlock your full potential.

Bring Us Your Toughest Challenges


With Optiv + ClearShark, the leading cybersecurity and IT solutions provider focused exclusively on serving the federal government.