Jason Porter

Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

About Jason

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Jason Porter is the new Vice President, Chief Technology Officer for OptivClearShark.  He is focused with the mission of growing OptivClearSharks capabilities and portfolio to support national security programs and our Federal and local Government clients. His understanding of the Federal Government and overall public sector and experience with AI, Cyber and other advanced technology strategy development has led to solutions supporting the intelligence community, Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and multiple civilian and local government agencies along with international partners. He has supported commercial industry working with customers like the NFL, Fox Sports and other to enhance their data analytics and security profiles.


Jason was already a recognized technologist and Chief Technology Officer before joining OptivClearShark. In those roles he contributed to the public sector and presented solutions focused on operational surveillance, artificial intelligence, profiling, and cyber to audiences globally. He also served the U.S. intelligence community supporting international operations with Germany, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, UK, and throughout the Middle East.